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How to Qualify for a Cash Advance Loan

Getting a cash advance loan is easy if you can push past the crowds. By knowing what lenders want, you can speed up the process and get cash in as little as one day. 1. Are you the right age? You must be at least 18 years old to enter

Why Do I Need a Checking Account?

“Do I need to have a bank account now? Any way to get a loan when I don’t have one?” –Hector, Texas This week Hector asks why he needs to have a bank account to get a quick cash loan. Do you know the answer? Can I Get Cash Instead

Can I Get a SSI Loan with Direct Express?

I get SSI benefits on direct deposit on my direct express card. Can I get a loan? –Danny, Florida This week Danny sent us a question about borrowing a short-term loan on his Social Security benefits. Are you in the same boat? Let’s see if you qualify. Can I Get

Getting a Small Cash Loan When You’ve Got Issues

You’re freaked out because you need money fast. Your credit cards are maxed and you won’t be paid for another week. You think you can’t get a loan because you have issues. Keep reading and maybe you’ll find out that your problems aren’t really problems at all. No Assets It’s